Upcoming Landmark Showcase events:

January 18 and January 19 @ Alize (MTL) - OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS! 

November 17, 2013 @ Virgin Mobile Club (T.O)

November 24, 2013 @ Le National (MTL)

November 30th @ Ritual Night Club (OTT FINALS)

January 25th @ The Mod Club (TO FINALS)

February 15th @ Club Soda (MTL FINALS)

visit www.landmarkevents.net for info!



We have some great industry reps and artists lined up for this year’s preliminary events and MTL finals at Club Soda 

Lenny Levine - Owner @ Club Roll records (ex-pres at Last Gang Records)


Victor Mijares - A&R @ Warner Music Canada!


Glen Robinson - Award winning producer/engineer/mixer


Pierre Soupras - Owner @ Milagro Records


LME Performing Artists and their stories: 

It’s been a great year for LME, the MTL community, and independent artists (or maybe not so independent anymore).

Check out some of our spotlight artists, and their stories with Landmark Events:

Jon Richman signs with Milagro Records



Filthy Haanz signed with Club Roll Records owned by LME representative Lenny Levine (ex. Pres st Last Gang Records) and Dan Seligman (Pop Montreal)



Karim Terouz & The Rising Few record with award winning producer Glen Robinson and launch their Video sinners on St-Laurent




Eleven Past One signs with Warner Music



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Nos événements à venir: 


17 novembre 2013 T.O - Au Virgin Mobile Club

24 novembre 2013 MTL - Le National

FINALE 30 novembre 2013 OTT - Ritual Night Club

FINALE 25 janvier 2013 TO - The Mod Club 

FINALE 15 février 2013 MTL - Club Soda 

Allez au www.landmarkevents.net pour plus d’informations. 


Nous avons des super représentants de l’industrie ainsi que des artistes pour notre finale à Montréal au Club Soda. 

Lenny Levine - Propriétaire de Club Roll records (ancien président de Last Gang Records) 


Victor Mijares - A&R à Warner Music Canada


Glen Robinson - Producteur, ingénieur, mixer ayant gagné des prix. 


Pierre Soupras - Propriétaire de Milagro Records


Les artistes de Landmark Events et leur histoire: 

Quelle belle année pour Landmark Events à Montréal et pour leur artistes indépendants (plus vraiment indépendants maintenant) 

Voici nos artistes et leur histoire: 

Jon Richman à signé avec Milagro Records 


Filthy Haanz à signé avec Club Roll Records, Lenny Levine (ancien président de Last Gang Records ) et Dan Seligman (Pop Montreal) sont les propriétaires et des représentant de LME. 


Karim Terouz & The Rising Few ont enregistré avec Glen Robinson et ont lancé leur Video Sinners sur St.Laurent. 



Eleven Past One sign avec Warner Music


Pour plus d’infos, visitez:





Local Montreal artist Jon Richman, a Landmark Events showcase participant and finalist at our 2013 events has recently been signed to Milagro records!


Jon Richman is a singer and songwriter, backed by his rock-folk band from Montreal. 

After great performances at the 2013 Landmark Showcase events at Le National and Club Soda; Owner of Milagro Records (http://www.milagrorecords.com/), Pierre Soupras had the chance to discover Jon and his energetic trio:


Jon Richman (Voix,guitar,harmonica)

Mark Grand’Maison (Basse)

Guillaume Tessier (Banjo, Guitar, Ukulele)

Pierre has recently become one of Landmark’s industry partners and is often invited out to their Showcase events as a judge and industry representative in Quebec, and Ontario.

Pierre immediately took to Jon’s sound and performance ability. After sending some of Jon’s music out to his radio programming and publicity contacts abroad, the feedback was incredible. He quickly decided to offer the band a record deal and the rest was history.


Jon Richman will soon be releasing material with Milagro Records: a soulful, yet energetic sound. With unique, powerful and vocally dynamic delivery and instrumentation. Jon’s song-writing is captivating and has sincere lyrical depth. Keep an eye out for this fantastic music artist from Montreal!







Everyone knows it is not exactly easy to break through in the music industry. Some people think it’s just about “who you know”, or it is just about “luck”, but what people tend to forget is that making it in the music industry takes HARD WORK - just like anything else in life, if you want to succeed. 

The music industry is very saturated - these days artists really need to find their niche market. Artists need to think about looking at themselves as an entity. Just like in today’s business world, one of the most important things about doing business, is NETWORKING.

Landmark Events is company who’s goal is to support local artists and bands in cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston, by giving artists the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of music industry representatives


Who are we?

We are NOT “Battle of the Bands”. We are event promoters who hold showcase competitions for local bands to strut their stuff!

What do we do?

We SHOWCASE local talent, and the local talent COMPETE for amazing prizes, which are determined by the music industry representatives’ judging panel at the show. It is NOT determined by audience votes. 

We give local bands the opportunity to meet and greet with the music industry representatives, and network with other bands. By doing so, bands can create and build relationships within the local music community as well as with music industry representatives. 


How do we keep supporting the local music scene?

We like to keep in contact with the artists who have performed at our events, and we help them out in any way that is possible for us to do so.

Feel free to contact us whenever!

Why do we support the local music scene?

BECAUSE WE WANT TO! :) Local support is one of the most important things for artists! It also a great way for us to listen to some fresh new tunes that we can bump in our cars, on our iPods and in our office!


Landmark Events – Encouragez  la communautée musical local!!

Ce n’est pas facile de percer dans l’industrie musicale… ce n’est pas nouveaux. La plupart d’entre des gens sont persuadés  que c’est basé sur les ‘pistons’ ou sur la ‘chance’, mais ce n’est pas tout. Afin de percer dans l’industrie musicale il est important d’y mettre BEAUCOUP de travail, un peu comme tout dans la vie.

L’industrie musicale est saturée en ce moment, les artistes ont besoin de trouver leur niche. Il faut que les musiciens travaillent ensemble et comme dans le monde du business en ce moment, la chose la plus importante sont les CONTACTS.

Le but de la compagnie Landmark Events est d’aider les groupes de musiques locaux à Kingston, Montréal, Toronto et Ottawa en leur donnant l’opportunité de jouer devant des représentants de l’industrie musicale.

Qui sommes-nous?

Nous ne sommes PAS une ‘Battle of the Bands’ nous sommes des promoteurs qui organisent des événements afin que les groupes musicaux montrent de quoi ils sont capables.

Que faisons-nous?

Nous offrons une vitrine pour les talents locaux, vient alors le moment ou ils doivent se faire concurrence afin de gagner des supers prix qui sont déterminés par les juges de l’industrie musicale. Le gagnant n’est pas déterminé par les votes de la foule.

Les groupes aurons la chance de rencontrer les représentants musicaux de l’industrie ainsi que les autres bands. C’est une bonne opportunité pour les bands de contruire leur cercle de contacts dans l’indutrie musical.

Comment continuons-nous à aider la scène musicale local?

Nous aimons garder contact et aider nos groupes de musique qui ont déjà participé à nos show. N’hésitez JAMAIS à nous contacter.

Pourquoi encourageons-nous la scène musicale locale?

PARCE QUE NOUS EN AVONS ENVI! J Le support local est la chose la plus importante pour les artistes. C’est également une façon de pouvoir remplir notre Itunes de nouveaux bijoux musicaux afin de les écouter dans notre voiture ainsi qu’au bureau. 



#OTTAWA! We are super excited for this weekend! Why? The LME Annual Showcase Competition is happening at MAVERICKS!! 

This Friday & Saturday (June 28-29), we are showcasing some of Ottawa’s great local talent!! Make sure to come back and check it out!

Bands that are performing this weekend:

Mabaleka Brothers www.mabalekabrothers.com
Legion of Saints www.legionofsaintsband.com
This Way Once http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/This-Way-Once
The Etheriol www.theetheriol.com
TomaHawk Punch tomahawkpunch.com
LEAP OF FAITH http://www.leapfaith.com/
Madison & Fifth www.facebook.com/mn5th
The Trashcans https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Trashcans/26802
Huntersfield https://www.facebook.com/Huntersfieldband
Les Mosquitos http://lesmosquitos.com/
Ned Madison & Bounce www.facebook.com/NedMadison
Mayfair http://mayfairmusic.ca/ 
The Wolfpack https://www.facebook.com/thewolfpackrocks
Anthony Beaucage
The Way www.facebook.com/goyourway
This Way Once http://thiswayonce.bandcamp.com/
Past Legacies https://www.facebook.com/pages/Past-Legacies/203022613168832?ref=ts&fref=ts
Faster Than Plaid www.Fasterthanplaid.com
Box Theatre http://www.myspace.com/560667142/music)
60 Glisson Road


The first Landmark Showcase Competition in Kingston, ON at the Ale House was a huge success! Around 700 people showed up to the event and everyone had a great time. 

The event was supported by our great sponsors Kingston’s K-Rock 105.7 FM Radio, Limestone Live and KM Reviews! We thank all of our sponsors for being there and Tweeting about the event all night!

We want to thank all of the bands who performed at the event, great job to all! Last but not least, we would like to congratulate the winners of the event!

1st Place - The Glorious Sons (https://www.facebook.com/TheGloriousSons)

2nd Place -Buffalo Tree (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Buffalo-Tree)


Great news! 

We have finally landed in Kingston, Ontario! Our first LME Showcase Competition Event is being held this Saturday, June 1st, 2013. This is a great opportunity for artists in Kingston and surrounding area to showcase their great talents! 

We have a great line-up for our first show in K-Town. Artists in this show are:

Basalisk: www.reverbnation.com/basalisk

Sovereign Council: http://www.facebook.com/SovereignCouncilpage

Werk Shed: http://www.werkshed.com/ 

King For Ransom:  www.twitter.com/kingforransom 

BlackTop Jumper: www.facebook.com/BlackTopJumper

The Jaded Gentlemen: http://www.facebook.com/thejadedgentlemen

Triumph over Tragedy www.facebook.com/newatfallsend

Statue In Ashes https://www.facebook.com/pages/Statue-In-Ashes/163083190453571?fref=ts

Noteworthy https://www.facebook.com/noteworthyband?fref=ts

The Stone Throws https://www.facebook.com/thestonethrows?ref=hl

Mellonhead: www.myspace.com/mellonheadband

The Glorious Sons: www.theglorioussons.com.

Buffalo Tree: Facebook/buffalotreeband

Nick Babcock Band: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nick-Babcock/120421728007667  

Wait For It 

Nothin’ But Mental: http://www.reverbnation.com/nothinbutmental

Knoncents: www.knoncents.com


We have some great sponsors on board with us in Kingston, such as K-Rock 105.FM Radio, Kingston Music Reviews and Limestone Live! 

imageK-Rock 105.7 FM (www.krock1057.ca)


Limestone Live Events (www.limestonelive.ca)


Kingston Music Reviews (www.kingstonmusicreviews.ca)


(Photo Credit: www.camuz.ca)

The Landmark Showcase Competition finals held in Montreal at Club Soda was a great success! Great performances got the crowd going, got them moving and everyone had a blast.

Thanks to all who participated in the event, and thanks to all the judges who deliberated.

The finals winners were: 

1) The Rising Few

2) People on Pause

3) The Easton Ellises

4) The Frisky Kids

5) Los Duos


Congratulations to you all!

For more pictures of the event, please check out:



Landmark Showcase Competition 2013 FINALS! (MTL) | Facebook

Check out the LME Montreal Finals event page here!


Check out Landmark Events Promo Video!